Obtaining Germplasm from our Program

Obtaining germplasm from our program

Our breeding programs in carrot, onion, and beet have generated many useful inbred lines and populations that are in widespread commercial use throughout the world. Our germplasm is available for licensing through either the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF, for material released after 1996) or through the Department of Horticulture (for material released prior to 1996). For more information, please see below:

Beginning in the mid-1990s, our new germplasm releases were directed through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, or WARF, functions as a technology transfer manager of these germplasm resources. For a list of germplasm from our program available through WARF, please contact Emily Bauer at emily@warf.org or visit WARF’s website at www.warf.org.

Lines released prior to 1996, available directly from our program:

This germplasm is made available through Memoranda of Agreement through the Department of Horticulture. Seed supplies of some lines is very limited and some of the lines are not maintained. For information on these releases, please contact Irwin Goldman at ilgoldma@wisc.edu. Please note that seed shipment and licensing arrangements may take time to process, and also that phytosanitary certificates may be required prior to shipment. The cost of the phytosanitary certificate and any shipping costs incurred must be paid by those requesting germplasm, and can usually be paid by bank transfer.

Lines released from 1996 to present, available through www.warf.org

A list of all table beet releases available through WARF can be found here

A list of all carrot releases available through WARF can be found here

Wisconsin Early Onion Synthetic Populations, available directly through Irwin

New Beet Releases, available through WARF

New Carrot Release, available through WARF

Open Source Carrot Releases, available directly through Irwin

colored carrot pops

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