Papers on Breeding Onion, Carrot, and Beet

Attached below are articles on carrot, onion, and table beet that may serve as useful references for these crops

Alliums, by Havey

Beetroot, by Pink

Breeding Biennial Crops, by Goldman

Biennial Crops, by Goldman

Carrot Breeding, by Stein and Nothnagel

CarrotBreeding, by Peterson and Simon

Carrot Characteristics, by Simon

Carrot Facts, by Simon

Domestication of Carrot, by Simon

History of Onions, by Gabelman

History and Pedigree of Public Onion Releases in the United States, by Goldman and Havey

Onion Breeding, by Pike

Onion, by Havey

Onions and Garlic, by Brewster

Sugarbeet, by Brian Ford-Lloyd

Table Beet Breeding, by Gabelman, Bliss, and Engle